Works of academic history are sometimes inaccessible and dry to non-specialist readers. Seeking to fill this void, popular histories are written in a lively and accessible style, yet lack the criticality and complex historical explanations that are the hallmarks of academic history.

This blog seeks to publish historical works concerning any time period or place that minimize the trade-off between critically engaged history and history written in an accessible and lively style.  The essays here are concise, visually rich, enlivening and speak to contemporary social, political or economic issues or current events.  They are based on primary and secondary source research and contain clear source citations.  Additionally, essays contain links to further resources for readers interested in deepening their knowledge about the topic at hand.

This blog is maintained and written by Eric Wright, Historian & Researcher.  Occasionally, outside posts will be accepted.  If you have a submission idea, please email a short summary to ericnwright@gmail.com.

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